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Healing for Corporate

"20 min of Reiki a day keeps the doctor away."

Employer Benefits

Increased attendance

Reduces health maintenance

Enhanced employee performance

Improved harmony between employees and employer

Improved productivity and mental clarity

Stress and tension relief

Improved morale

Demonstrated commitment to development and well-being of employees

Enhanced company profile

Increased staff motivation

Employee Benefits

Improved personal productivity

Improved health in mind, body and spirit

Increased energy

Improved focus, concentration, self confidence

Clear decision making

Improved relation with employer

Improved concentration

Helps relieve physical and mental fatigue

Releases negative emotions

Creates inner peace and calmness

Increased Job satisfction

Stress and tension relief 

Corporations across the world are recognizing the growing problems of stress-related illness and its impact on their employees. Over 2/3rd of office employee who visit to a physician is for stress related illness. Stress can show itself in fatigue, aches and pains, forgetfulness, increased anxiety and irritability and loss of interest. This results in absenteeism, illness, alcoholism, petty internal politics, bad or snap decisions, indifference and laziness, lack of motivation or creativity.

Many organizations are becoming more aware of these problems and are beginning to take measures to increase productivity in the workplace and to promote well-being to their staff. Learning Reiki will reduce individual stress and environmental stress around the office. It is beneficial and cost effective way to reduce stress, enhance performance and productivity, and reduce absenteeism caused by illness.

Reiki is a natural and simple form of healing energy that is transferred from a certified practitioner to heal one’s mind, body and spirit. Reiki is safe and promotes relaxation, clears toxins and enhances positive feelings. You can use it to replenish your vital energy, to strengthen the immune system and defend against diseases. Reiki helps in healing of ailments and illness such as headaches, body tension, exhaustion, depression and fears. Reiki not only treats physical symptoms but simultaneously also works on spiritual and mental causes of illness.

Start your day with only 15 minutes of Reiki and see your personal life and career take a boost and enjoy a calm, relaxed and happy life.

How? Will teach you….

Reiki Healing