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I am Reiki Master and Divine Healer and i have treated many patient through distance and it gives me satisfaction and peace to heal people and i also teach from distance. My husband inspired me immediately after our marriage to start healing and slowly i grown up as a healer.

From 16 April 2017, i started doing Past Life Karma Healing after learning it from my husband who is also my teacher.

Our Facilities

We have healing facilities at our own place or service at your home or place. The relaxation technique doesn’t have a time limit simply because we want you to treat your body to the pampering it deserves. 

Sanjeev Jain

About us

I started my Reiki 1st degree in 1999 and then i frequently used reiki energy to heal my body and mind and i felt much peace in my mind so when i got chance to learn 2nd degree after six months, i immediately went for it and after that i did my reiki practice with a homeopathic doctor in kathmandu for almost 1 year and i treated many patients through direct and distance reiki healing. Then i felt a deep urge to do mastership in i finally became Reiki Master in 2002 and i opened Reiki Training Center in my home at kathmandu and began to teach people in this beautiful system. But i had to left Nepal for some personal reasons and i came to india and from 2014, I again started teaching reiki healing system on one to one basis. The Journey became much interesting and joyful when i started teaching reiki to people all over the world through distance attunement and it is always more energetic experience then giving the attunement in person. 
In 2015, I got the blessings of my spiritual masters and existence itself and i became a divine healer and since then, my healing energies are growing on regular basis. 
​From 07 March 2016, On the Auspicious Day  of Mahashivratri, I started doing one day complete silence on weekly basis to raise my consciousness and increase in healing energies so that i can really help people from all over the world.
From 20 June 2016, I started Past Life Karma Healing which increased my level of understanding and consciousness at a very deep level and also the effects of healing were increased many folds. 

From 26 March 2017, I started teaching Past Life Karma Healing and my first student is my wife, who is very helpful in my work.

I have much interest in Silence and the interest grows when i first did 21 days complete Silence in Osho Tapoban, Kathmandu which is 6 km far from the city and surrounded by a very big and intense forest in 1998. After that my spiritual journey started growing and i met many enlightened spiritual masters, and it also helped me in my healing work. Now a days, i usually live my whole day speaking very little.

From 21 April 2018, i started Reading of Akashic Records, which i learnt from an Indian Master who lives in Canada and also i got help from World Renowned Matser's Journal and some other masters. 

I am not a fully enlightened master but only a simple human being who is walking alone on his spiritual path and wants to help others too. I have been gifted some healing powers and also intuitive senses which makes me able to understand many things which normal human being normally don't have. These abilities can be developed through regular practice of meditation. I don't believe in making any kind of emotional or mental attachment with anybody so i don't create and guru shishya type relationship. I simply do it to earn my living. I can do it from any distance. If you want guidance on any specific subject, then you can contact me.
Thank you

Sanjeev Jain: Reiki Master, Divine Healer, Past Life Therapist & Akashic Records Reader
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What We Do

Health is the greatest treasure. In this well known dictum lies the irrefutable truth that health is one of the greatest blessings we can possess. It is necessary in every stage of life. All human beings desire to live comfortably with all their vital needs satisfied such as food, housing, clothing, self realization and the like. Yet all these things become accessible if one has good health. Modern medicine has managed to cure many illnesses in modern times in the same way; Reiki can also cure many of these illnesses. Some cases where medicine has failed to find a cure can be healed through Reiki treatments. Even though it is a very ancient method, Reiki has earned a great popularity in many countries and is now being used across the globe.Anyone can take a bath in the holy river Ganga and in the same way; anyone of any religion or any community can learn or receive Reiki. It is like a highway that is open to all. In this way, everyone has an equal right to access a natural source of knowledge. May the eternal & infinite Light of Reiki shine over us forever.

Ritu Jain: Reiki Master, Divine Healer & Past Life Therapist

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