​​​​Akashic Record Reading 

 We are providing Akashic Record Reading and Healing through distance all over the india and abroad.

Distance Reiki Healing

 Distance Healing can be given to anybody in the world through photo and details. You need not come to our place to get the benefit from distance healing. We provide various types of healing systems through distance healing.

​Price Starts from Rs. 300/- only

Reiki Attunement

 We provide reiki teaching all over the world to any distance as well as classes to learn it in full. you can learn the art and enjoy its effect from your own.

Divine Healing

 We provide divine healing therapy which is 5 times more powerful then reiki healing.

Price Starts from Rs. 700/- only

Money Reiki

 We are providing money reiki for solving your business problems.

Blue Rays Healing

 It is a very different kind of energy which is very powerful and brings result very fast.

Karma Healing

 The most powerful healing system which heals your karma by accessing your past life. It can heal all types of trauma, depression, suicidal tendencies and even dark secrets of your life and your soul which you never wants to reveal in public or with anyone. 

Healing for future

We are doing healing for any future event which is going to be happen in any time in the future. It can help secure your future in the maximum possible way.


Cosmic Healing

The newly introduced healing system which has many possibilities to heal at all level. If you are still having issues after much healing then you must try cosmic healing.

​Price Starts from Rs. 700/- only​

​​​Advance Reiki Education

Email to: onlinereikimaster@gmail.com, Whatsapp 0091-8077843850/ 9720568758

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​​Heal your Body,Mind and Soul